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What it is

Over the last two years, the Alliance has advocated to Ottawa City Council on the importance of continued investment in the City’s Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Culture and Heritage in Ottawa (2013-18). As a direct result of this advocacy, Ottawa City Council approved funding to be applied to complete a community-driven, community-wide Arms-Length Cultural Development Feasibility Study.

This initiative is a key component of the Action Plan, with an aim to sustain and further advance the capacity of our dynamic cultural sector*.  It is an independent, community-driven, community-wide initiative to assess the current state of Ottawa’s cultural sector, and identify and evaluate the practicality and viability of potential models and/or solutions for more effective cultural sector advancement.

Informed by research on leading practices from other communities; and consultations with the Ottawa community, community leaders, City cultural and other staff, and others, it will recommend approaches to fostering a thriving cultural sector whose potential, and whose contribution to the creative economy and livability of our city, can be fully realized.

*Our sector includes organizations and individuals involved in art, heritage, festival and fair communities, and is inclusive of Ottawa’s diverse communities, including people from diverse ancestries, geographic locations, abilities, ages, countries of origin, cultures, genders, income, languages, races and sexual orientation.

What’s next?

From December 2017-August 2018, the Study is being led by an independent consultant, and will include research on best practices from other communities; consultations within the Ottawa cultural community, with community leaders and City staff; and will recommend potential models and/or solutions towards collectively advancing Ottawa’s cultural sector.

In year two, (Fall 2018 – Fall 2019 – subject to City Council approval), select study recommendations are to be implemented.  A summit will also take place, (another key Action Plan component) bringing together funders and other cultural community representatives to address ways to better resource local culture.

Get involved!

As a member of or key stakeholder in Ottawa’s cultural community – YOUR VOICE counts!

We want YOUR IDEAS on how to strengthen and advance our cultural community.  To participate in the study get on the Study consultation list

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The Ottawa Cultural Alliance gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa for this study